Listen to Big Troubles on Daytrotter!


Listen to Big Troubles on Daytrotter!


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“Misery,” Big Troubles


BIG TROUBLES | She Smiles for Pictures

Yeah, it’s late and I had a very long day. This struck my mind though… 

Big Troubles were formed by a group of kids who had been friends since high school, playing in bands, listening to records and coming of musical age together. As children of the 90’s they’re lucky enough to have a vast history of pop and indie rock to draw upon. Like the best of their peers they’re omnivorous musical consumers, as enamored of classic Brit Pop gems as they are of 90s slacker indie rock. Led by two very gifted singer/song-writers in Alex Craig and Ian Drennan, Big Troubles are that rare beast: a band with two distinctive musical voices that smoothly mesh to create one integrated personality.

Freudian Slips” caught my attention with this fantastic band. While listening to that track, it made me think of the lo-fi shoegazy feel so much. Reminded me of the shoegaze band lead by Kurt Heasley, Lilys. Big Troubles are simple melodically and vocally. You know, if I had to compare them it would probably be the Lilys meets Generationals. Simplicity with lo-fi poppy sounds. “She Smiles for Pictures” is a good start for their new album that is being released 9/27 via Slumberland. I love it.

If you like this sound, they are a group to check out. Give it a gander and listen for yourself. 

Big Troubles - Never Mine [LC highly recommends] « Such autumnal vibes. 


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